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2018 Retreat Course Descriptions

Please see the descriptions below for each class descriptions and materials needed!

Class 1A: Mosaic Knitting with Pam Sluter

Have you wanted to try colorwork but were afraid? Start with Mosaic knitting!

Learn to create intricate looking patterns utilizing only 1 color per row. In this class, we’ll cover the technique of Mosaic Knitting, working from written and charted instructions, and devising your own mosaic motifs. Garter and stockinette versions of mosaic patterns will be explored. Students will practice the concepts presented through a series of swatches.

3 hours

Homework: none

Materials: 2 colors ( 1 light, 1 dark) worsted weight yarn  100 yards each and needle to obtain gauge of 4-4.5 sts/inch, yarn needle, scissors, stitch markers, pencil.

Class 1B: Dye Your Own Sock Blank with Cheryl Merritt

With this class you will learn the basic steps needed to dye a "sock blank" three ways using acid dyes. Participants will dye a blank one of three different methods: Gradient, Resist or Tie-Dye, and Striping. Supplies are included and participants will take home a gorgeous finished blank to use in their next project. Extra blanks will be available for purchase during class for you over-achievers.

3 hours

Materials: Notebook, apron, gloves, calculator, and shoes you don't mind dipping dye on.

Class 2A: Understanding Charts with Toby Roxane Barna

Many otherwise-brave knitters are intimidated by charts. There are a few tips and tricks not often explained in patterns, and once you know those, you'll be well on your way to trying your hand at a pattern that doesn't include written directions! In this approachable class, we'll cover frequently-used chart symbols for both lace and cables. Then we'll make some practice swatches using basic charts and

then, once everyone is comfortable, we'll move on to a slightly more complicated one.

3 hours

Homework: none

Materials: Worsted weight yarn (smooth, light-colored), size 7 or 8 needles, stitch markers

Class 2B: Make Your Own Drop Spindle & Learn How to Use it with Betsy Alspach

There has been a resurgence of interest in wool spinning in the past few years. Many people are interested in learning but are not ready to buy a costly spinning wheel. The skills learned inexpensively on the drop spindle transfer to spinning on the wheel if desired although many people continue to spin happily on the drop spindle. We will be using wooden toy wheels and dowels to create drop spindles and then will be spinning with them. Participants will take home their drop spindles, their spun fibers, more fibers to spin and the ability to spin on their own! 

3 hours

Homework: none

Materials: Drop spindle materials, fiber and handouts will be provided.

Class 3A: Knitting Tips & Tricks with Brenda Schack

I have been knitting for 10+ years (yikes) and have found a lot of great tidbits from the internet, friends, teachers, professional knitter, and knit groups. These tips help me out everytime I knit and I love to share them. There would be demos along with student practice.


Included topics are: how to fix your knitting without restarting, long tail caston a better way and more, stich marker variety and it's midblowing uses, tricks and tips for adding beads, cables without cable needles, blocking tips, how I learned to knit faster, how to turbo charge your I-cord maker and loads more. Also a handout with resources that I personally refer to when I'm hunting down a solution.

2 hours

Materials: Notebook, scrap yarn, needles, and crochet hook.

Class 3B: Color Workshop with Casapinka

This workshop is an non-traditional color class that will include an introduction to color with tips to help you choose gorgeous colors that you love for your knitting projects. If you are ever overwhelmed by colors in your yarn store, this will help you
narrow down your choices. If you’re stuck in a rut this will help you to get out of it. If you just love color, this is a fun way to spend two hours. Using your friends, people in the group, and yarn all around us, along with different shawl samples, we will work on making various combinations for multi-skein projects. Leave the workshop with specific tips and tricks to implement and
increased color confidence! 

Length – 2 hours – plus extra time for personal help choosing yarn

Demonstration 1: Knitting Math with Jenn Lawlor

Ever find a pattern you love but want to use a different yarn? Or found a yarn but need to fuss with the gauge? Jenn will demonstrate the only type of math she's good at- knitting math (her dad can testify to this!) Jenn will explain how to determine a different yarn gauge with a pattern and how big (or small) a project may be.

1 hour demonstration

Demonstration 2: Natural Dyed Yarns with Barbara Kish

With indie dyed yarn, every dyer has their own special creations along with their own method of madness. Natural Dyed yarn takes on a whole new way of life as each color has to be dirvied from a natrual product, whether it can be found in your grocery aisle or backyard garden. Barb will demonstrate what makes natural dyed yarns unique and how colors can be made from your garden.

1 hour demonstration

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