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About Me



Thank you for checking our my page and my shop! I hope that you enjoy my yarn as much as I do! I have always been created since I was young (a box of crayons and a stack of paper was the only baby sitter I needed) and this creativity has brought me to create Knits4Comfort!


Knits4Comfort began in 2014 when I decided to take my stress-reliever of wanting to make pretty things and made it into a great company! I love the reaction everyone has when they receive a warm and cozy hand-knitted good and the amazing colors people gravitate to. This joy has made me more passionate about spreading this feeling to those who live around the world with my unique hand-dyed yarn.

I have recently added knitting kits, which can include patterns that I have written myself along with other patterns from designers that I have discovered along the way and fell in love with. Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates!




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